Working with the media

NewspapersPositive media coverage can help you influence public opionion, shape debate and achieve far-reaching change. But securing coverage isn’t easy and there are many pitfalls to watch out for. This course will help you deal confidently with journalists by providing a broad introduction to media relations, with an emphasis on newspapers, magazines and online news sites.

Charities, pressure groups, museums and galleries with little previous experience in dealing with journalists or generating media coverage.


  • The top three media myths
  • What makes something newsworthy?
  • The anatomy of a press release
  • Building a contacts list and sending press releases
  • Reactive coverage – monitoring the media and responding to breaking news
  • Proactive coverage – generating your own stories
  • Making the most of media coverage

To book this course please contact James Gray by emailing or calling 07976 239 451. Back to list of courses.

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