Introduction to fundraising

Stack of gold coinsAll not-for-profits need to raise money to survive and grow, but many are unsure who, when and how to ask for donations – and consequently miss important fundraising opportunities. This course takes the uncertainty out of fundraising by offering a broad introduction to the fundamental techniques of income generation, with an emphasis on appeals by post and email.

Charities, pressure groups, museums and galleries that want to move towards strategic, rather than ad hoc, fundraising activity; individual staff who need a grounding in basic fundraising principles.


  • The top five myths about fundraising
  • Developing a case statement – why should people support you?
  • Who to ask for money, how much to ask for and how often
  • No excuses – how to pre-empt reasons for not giving
  • Anatomy of a fundraising appeal

To book this course please contact James Gray by emailing or calling 07976 239 451. Back to list of courses.

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