Motiver offers impartial expert advice and guidance on a range of challenges facing the not-for-proft sector. We charge a low hourly rate – starting at £20 – so even the smallest organisations can benefit from our expertise.

Our services are focused on four core areas, though in practice most consultancy assignments will cover elements of each:

Media relations

We can help you identify elements of your work which could interest the media or undertake original research to generate news stories. We can also work with you to develop a media strategy, build relationships with journalists and sell in your stories.


We can support you in running direct mail appeals by post and online, or research and write applications to grant-giving trusts. We can also help you get the fundamentals right – developing a case statement and fundraising strategy, for example, or reviewing your communications to ensure they’re ‘fundraising friendly’.


Whether your target audience is the general public, existing supporters, politicians or businesses, we can help you plan your campaign from scratch. We can work with you to develop innovative ideas and distill complex campaign objectives into easily-understood core messages.

Supporter engagement

Your supporters are key to the success of your organisation – so how do you ensure they are inspired to take action, donate money or give their time? We can help you build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with your supporters and members.

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